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Three Essays and a Story



Epilogue to the 2047 Edition

Now the story can be told. T. Vijayendra wrote the following in September 2013, a month before he died. He had left explicit instructions for the editors to open the sealed envelope only after Paradise had been regained. That is, when a world without fossil fuels; without armies; weapons and wars and a world without borders had been firmly established.

The role of Shreekumar and T.Vijayendra, to say nothing of Vinay Kumar’s vital aural renditions, as being catalytic to this revolution is well known all over the world. This document tells why and how the collaboration came about.


T. Vijayendra wrote…

When I came to Bidar in the year 1990, my elder brother T. Raghavendra was in the U S of A. He wrote to me, ‘I am glad you are back in Karnataka. I can now pass on a family responsibility. Please visit Honnali at the earliest and read the family archives’.

The archives revealed that the history of the ‘T’ family dates back to 37 A.D. In the month of April that year, on a Saturday night somewhere near Jerusalem, four bearded men in dark cloaks gathered around the cross to which Jesus of Nazareth was nailed. They were Peter, Paul, Matthew and Thomas. They swiftly pried the nails, brought the body down and fed Jesus drops of a specially medicated wine. They then moved to the shore carrying Jesus; gently lay him on the floor of a small boat, loaded it with the jar of wine, loaves of bread and a jar of water. Thomas climbed in; the others silently blessed him, made the sign of cross and vanished into the dark night.

Thomas rowed fast, as in the morning the ‘resurrection’ would be discovered and the ‘murderers’ would certainly commission a search. There was however no way of knowing the direction or the hour he had set sail.

This has been a guarded secret, passed on from one generation to the next for the past 2000 years!

Thomas sailed for weeks, feeding Jesus pieces of dark bread soaked in the medicated wine. He himself lived on water and an occasional fish. He reached the Malabar Coast and went straight to a merchant named Jacob Punnen. In the dead of night they moved Jesus in a bullock cart to a Keralite Ayurvedic medicine man. There for the next three weeks recovery progressed steadily, till his wounds healed and strength returned.

Still fearing pursuit, Thomas and Jesus moved northwards dressed as Indian mendicants. At a fishermen’s village in Udupi they parted company and Jesus stayed back. Soon his fame spread as a healer. He adopted a new name, Kitta – a common name of the region meaning small which sounded like Christ. He married, raised a family and died. People revered him as Kitta Swamy and built a temple in his name.

Thomas moved further north and reached an idyllic village – Honnali, on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. He became a priest, served in a small temple dedicated to Shree Hanuman; married, raised a family and died. There was but one difference. He wrote a diligent record in the local language and instructed his son to make a copy before dying. Since then, the record has been copied and added on to by every successive generation. So our family is the descendent of Thomas.

I read this far and wrote to my brother, ‘Nice story. Do you wish me to edit and publish it?’ He wrote back: Hand on my heart! I just copied the record kept by our father and he is not the kind of person to pass on fiction. What is more, here in the USA a person named Dan Brown visited me and told me a similar story. He said, “I represent a secret society that was formed by St. Peter mandated to save the descendent of Jesus, because the original ‘murderer’s’ descendent are still sworn to kill him. Also the Roman Catholic Church is against proving that Jesus escaped alive. He said to me, “You should keep the secret and locate the descendent of Jesus.”

Dan Brown added, ’the assassins are now ruling the world through the U S of A, which in turn is being ruled by a few ultra rich Jew families of New York. They too are on the lookout for descendants of Jesus. But now the time is approaching when He (the descendent of Jesus) can come out to inspire the struggle against U S Imperialism. I am sure he is a male from the fisher folk community of Udupi.’ He picked up his hat and left saying, ‘You don’t have to reply. Do what you want to and can. I trust you to keep this meeting secret’.

My brother added, ‘You have not read Book Two of the archive yet. Please do it and you will get convinced.’