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The Trash Pages


These pages are dedicated to trash.  While the entire world may be inundating itself with trash, we, in India, are particularly insouciant about it.  It litters our land 'from Kanchenjunga to Kanyakumari' (to borrow part of a slogan immensely popular with road building organizations in India) and increasingly, and at an alarming rate, is smothering almost every square inch of any urban, rural or even 'wilderness' space you might pick.  And today's Bangalore stands examplar.


The higher the 'disposable income' of a state, the greater is the extent of littering, as access to industrial goods and packaging increases proportionately.  National monuments, the few remaining national parks and wilderness areas, urban public parks, mountainsides, valleys, rivers, beaches and shorelines are being dumped indiscriminately with solid waste of every kind, the most insidious being plastic packaging from foodstuffs and food containers, but also expended appliances, industrial packaging and of course, biological waste.


We continue our lives blind to, and seemingly able to edit out the trash and pick our way through it. The issue is not merely one of governance (or the lack of it) but extends to individual and community awareness, sensitization and attitudes towards public space itself




  • Hasiru Dala - works directly with waste pickers in Bangalore to change the solid waste management landscape of the city

  • Daily Dump - products, solutions and approaches to solid waste management; they also organize a 'trash tour' of Bangalore