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Shuja describes his family's roots

Posted by Shuja on April 22, 2014 on Facebook


"Was talking to my Dad (Syed Jamaluddin) and just discovered my roots...come from the lineage of Abdul Gaffar the chief gun commander of Tippu Sultan. After Abdul Ghaffar perished in the 4th Mysore war, the family fled to the border districts of the Empire to avoid persecution by the British. Landed up in Chamrajnagar district.


Of the two brothers, my grandfather migrated and became a zamindar in Ramnagaram then known as Closepet, named after Sir Barry Close - the general and political officer of the East India Company. The third migration happened to Bangalore by my father and his siblings. And there we are calling ourselves Bangaloreans!! The Micro migration - my dad then moved from Sheshadripuram to Jayanagar....thus I remain the unadventurous...comparatively.


My next plan is to build a family tree!!! anybody knows a good tool?"