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Ramona Parsani to Shuja

March 25, 2015


Dear Shuja

I had the misfortune to have you in my group for one marketing project. I just couldn’t get you to put ‘bum-on-seat’ and contribute with your ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas. Initially when paired together I thought our group were the fortunate ones. One meetings, lots of ideas, all from you, collate them, stick them together in a way that conformed to project writing norms and BANG – 23/25 – nothing less!!!

It didn’t quite turn out that way and you must know that. It was hard just finding you on campus. You were in any case leaps and bounds more knowledgeable as far as marketing went. So this project, that didn’t really challenge you, had to be way down on your list of priorities.

Do you remember that I ticked you off? And your patient listening to my ranting and then your response of how there are bigger and more important things to worry about.

Yes Shuja, in all my later interactions I saw the bigger picture through your eyes. There was no topic that we discussed that did not have your incisive perspective. The Middle East problems and the rabid path that communities were now traversing. The bribery and the corruption and your very vociferous stand against it all. Your deep understanding of the makeup of different communities and yet you leading a life of no differences between communities and religions. I truly admired you for that. For being able to hold a subject flush with so much controversy, stripping it down to its bare bones, setting aside personal biases, religious differences, different ideologies and seeing it for what it was.

You truly believed in a better world and that people were intrinsically good. I thought you were with your head in the clouds always but after meeting you at your home three years ago I found you were a lost breed. You were the kind that is difficult, very difficult, to find.
Since, talking to Ish, I know now that you were way bigger than I even imagined. Collectively, we your classmates may never be able to fill that void you have left in the lives of Ishviene and Zoby. But I want you to know that we will always be around for them.
Rest Shuja knowing that your life has given them and me, lessons and learnings far beyond the usual imagination, to be better people.

Ramona Parsani