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Priya Agarwal to Shuja

March 29, 2015


Dear Shuja,

I'm sure you're hearing all this with the customary twinkle in your eye and a smile ready to break out. While we knew each other at SP and after, it has been recently that we really connected.

For me, the night you came over and we chatted well into dawn will always remain etched in my memory. Seldom do you find men so in touch with their perceived frailties with a non judgemental and matter of fact air. You could do that. We spoke about life and relationships, about achievement and ambition, about passion and dreams, about the Bangalore we loved, about dosa joints in Bangalore, about Vidyarthi Bhavan, about children and parenting, about friendships gained and lost... What came out loud and strong was the depth of your friendship with Ishviene, an affection and a bond that transcended all definitions. And your pride and unconditional love for Zobi.

I was extremely touched by how immediately and staunchly you supported my fledgling social enterprise and spoke about me to whoever would hear you.

Energy, Intensity, wit, laughter, philosophy, loyalty ... Some of the words that come to my mind. Farewell my friend. And see you in the other dimension.

Ishviene and Zoheb, the man you loved and lived with was marvellous, entrepreneurial and free in every way. He is irreplaceable. My love and hugs to both of you.


Priya Agrawal
Antarang Foundation: Building Self Reliance in Youth