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Auto Angst


We pay tribute to these two great representations (a music video and a cartoon) of the Bangalore auto.  If you have been vexed and vexed over the Bengaluru autorickshaw experience, this is for you.


1.  The Auto Tune (music video)


About Live Banned (the music video fellows) in their own words:

Founders of the 'Awesome' genre, Mental fellows, Bengaluru Boys, Sell Outs, Socialists, Mass Likers, Parody Music Evangelists and Entertainers who PUT IT.


2.  Indian Transformers. Origins: Autorickshwabot


About Jai Iyer (the cartoon fellow) in his own words:

Take 3 parts Asterix & Tintin ,4 parts Dr.Rajkumar & Superstar Rajinikanth , 2 parts Dai Vernon , 3 parts Frank Miller , 4 parts Steve Jobs , 2 parts Gary Larson , 2 parts Monty Python Stir in cauldron over a flame for an hour. Add mango pickle and vodka for taste.

The author fell into a vat of the above-mentioned potion as a baby and has a heightened, confused sense of culture and identity since. Known superpowers include amazing autorickshaw-fu. Jai Iyer was born in, lives in and works out of Bangalore.